Hi, my name is Ronnie LaForet and I am an artist. I have lived in many different places but I’m still on the path to my next big adventure. I grew up in the Great Lakes region, both sides (Canada and United States) and I currently reside in Rome. No, not that Rome, Rome, Georgia.

     My work has always been very organic. When approaching a subject, I like to take it apart, visually, and show the building up of layers of cells. I like to gain a deeper understanding of a subject, to show the various particles and how they come together. My more abstract work is an expression of my mood, a sort of mental checkpoint. My subject matter is based on my passion for maps, topography and rocks i.e. texture. I really like texture and I do not limit myself when working with typically 2d materials, choosing to find an avenue to bring texture to the forefront. Well, enough about me. Thank your for taking the time to read about me and look at my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about me, my process, and what I have coming up.

BFA, Painting, State University of New York at Buffalo 1977

Oh, and there are a whole bunch of links at the bottom of this page that will point you in the direction of where else on the web you can find me.